Newsletter or mailing list poll

Newsletter or Mailing List

  • Newsletter

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Mailing list

    Votes: 2 40.0%

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Staff member
Hi Everyone.. In our effort to keep our forum members up to date on the latest Poorboy's world happenings we can either post up a Newsletter here in the forum or we can start a new mailing list (as our current one is out of date and causes all sorts of server problems with dead accounts)

Which one works best for you?

Please vote and say why;)

We are also on instagram but i'm still figuring that one out


Advanced Helper
I like newsletters that are emailed, so i voted mailing list as that is what I assume you mean by mailing list. It reminds me of what is going on and to check the forums. I realize it is more labor intensive but it holds my interest.


Operations Manager
The results were so close so I propose that we do something that works for everyone. How about we post a newsletter on the forum for those who want to see updates here and also have an opt-in mailing list for those who would prefer to receive an email? The cool thing is that I can do both for you guys, at the same time!