Liquid Blue Wax watery?

I purchased a bottle of Natty's liquid blue wax online from an auto dealer. When I got it and shook it, it seems very watery. When I put in on a pad some of it just soaks in and some of the paste sits on top. It has the consistency of whole milk. Is this normal? I have black hole and it is fairly thick.


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I'm not sure if it is normal or not but I can tell you that my liquid red is watery as well. Personally I prefer EX-P to liquid wax.

Black hole and diamond white are glazes that tend to be more cream like.


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It is watery but I'm not sure about the residue sitting on top. Sounds like the product has separated. I'm presuming you shook it well before using it. If you don't have a consistent thickness there may be something wrong such as it was left out during the winter freeze or something.
I have never seen a watery liquid wax. All are fairly thick. When I put it on a pad half of it soaks into the pad. It seems like a lot of it is wasted. I actually ordered two more bottles one red and one blue from Auto Geek to check if consistency is different. If it just comes that way I would have ordered the paste wax instead.
Liquid Blue is pretty thin. Way thinner than White Diamond or Black Hole (at least my bottles are). No issues with it, however.

I'm to about half bottle. It does look like it separated, but a very good shake blends it all back (and back to split after sitting a bit). Still, it works. Some applicators may soak up some of the product. Others, not as much.

On some applicators, I'll just run a small bead of product from the bottle straight onto the panel. Then take my applicator and spread it fast. Then I'll work it. Seems like extra steps, but it all happens way fast. it's why I tend to reach for Liquid Blue more than paste waxes.

I recently picked up a second bottle of Liquid Blue. That's how satisfied I am with the product.


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Yes, it is very thin and you need very little to do a whole vehicle .... it spreads and spreads and then spreads even more and thin is the key ...

It takes a little getting used to using such a thin product, but when you get it ..WOW ! ..use it after Black Hole and really see how your finish pops !!