How to store aplicators?


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I am in the process of detailing my Black Pearl Metalic VW Passat 2015.
It had just been given a sale polish, so just vent for closing the paint with a run of Black Hole, followed with a run of EX-P and then Black Nattys Wax.

My question is how do you recommend me to store the aplicator sponges?
I used different onces for the different product.
Would I let them dry out and re-use with same product next time, or store set in a closed container?

BTW. I am very happy with the look and ease of use. I think I’m a Poorboys fan now :)


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I wash mine out and use them with whatever product is appropriate the next time. I don't store them in a sealed container because they may mold from the moisture. If you are storing them in a dusty environment (garage) then I guess you could store them in the container after they were fully dried.
I have heard of some people that keep everything separate and use applicators for 1 product only, so if you have that many applicators and are that organized, go for it.


I have some plastic containers that I drill small holes into. I do wash 'em and let 'em dry before putting them in the containers.