Hey from Copenhagen Denmark.

Michael Hansen

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Hey All.

Im sorry if the spelling is a bit off, but its late - im tired - and lazy! :roll:

Id like to start of by saying thanks to Poorboysworld for making superb products which im the proud distributor of in Denmark & Sweden.
When a product simply works! and on top of this - smells - looks - feels like theese, not to mention the - service and dedication they are sold with ,it makes loving them kinda easy :p

My name is Michael Hansen - I'm from Copenhagen Denmark, 29 years old and i own the mobile detailing company www.bilvask.nu

I've been in the mobile detailing industry since 2003/4, making my own little business in Copenhagen. I started of with a Van i inherited from my grand dad, a minor bank loan and a dream of making mobile detailing the big thing in Denmark ;)

Today 5 years later we have 2 vans running, and 1 franchise unit, plus one or two more to come in the near future.

I dont care much for cars because of the performance, but im truly in love with the sounds they create, and the shine they can achieve if you care enough for them. Looking at a car thats just been cleaned and buffed, might be one of the most pleasurable things in the world.

I look forward to reading / learning alot more in this forum.

Best Regards.


Welcome, congratulations, and good luck in the future. Poorboy's has good line of products. He recently added a couple of gems that I am warming up to everyday.

No need to apologize about your English. It is 2000 times better than my Danish


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Hi Michael,

Welcome to our forum and thanks for representing us in Denmark and Sweden :smt006