First experiences of QD+



After being impressed with the Nattys Blue paste and the Blackhole I convinced myself that I needed something to spray on the car after a wash to keep my wax topped up. Poorboys stuff was the natural choice, so I did a bit (ok, a lot) of reading about what's best to use.
It was a toss up between S&G and QD+. I seemed to feel like the S&G was going to give me more shine, but the QD+ had the carnauba content that should keep it topped up.

I'm not sure if my thinking was right and I'm still not sure whether I picked the right stuff, but I went for the QD+. It felt like I was compromising some shine for extra protection though.

Because of the hot weather I've had to wait a while before trying it, but curiosity got the better of me and I decided to wash the rain/dust patterns off the car on Sunday morning. I don't mind rain and I don't mind dust, but rain after dust makes your car look like an archaeological find.
My wife had commented on how she was surprised I hadn't been out there cleaning it, so that was good enough for me.

I gave the car a wash and then rinsed it with the hose without a nozzle on it and I was pleased at how well the Nattys had sheeted the water off it. About half an hour after drying it I went back outside and the normal run marks were there, under the edge of the roof rails, from the mirrors, from behind the number plate etc, etc. So I got myself a putting-on mf and my DMT for buffing off.

I used the spray on the towel method and wiped over the front fender. I used probably less than a full spray per panel and remembered how well the Poorboys products cover. After buffing I ran the back of my hand on the front fender I'd just done and then on the door next to it. The difference was amazing. The fender was so slippery compared to the door, even though it'd had 2 coats of Nattys about 10 days ago.
It took no time at all to do the whole car and removed the water stains instantly. I then became obsessed and went round the car 3 or 4 times finding any little mark that needed removing. The privacy glass on the back and side windows came up really well too.

I had to stop myself in the end, but I wanted to do more. I can't wait to get the car dirty again now so I can use it again, I think I've got issues.
In the past cleaning the car was almost a chore due to how much hard work the products were, but now I really enjoy it because of the Poorboys stuff.

And to top it all, when I'd finished the amount in the bottle didn't seem to have changed.

This morning I went out to the car after a night of heavy rain and the beading was fascinating. I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo now, but it was even better than after I'd just Natty'd it. Every droplet was the exact same size and perfectly round. I've never had it bead like that before.

As you might've guessed, I couldn't be happier with the QD+.
It was something I didn't think I needed and to be honest after I'd got it I wished I hadn't ordered it, as I thought it'd be something that just sits in my garage gathering dust, but since using it I'm glad I'd made that impulse buy.


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nice write up ... QD+ is also great as a drying agent after a wash ;) I too became addicted when I had my Black Quad 442 in our shop ... I could easily go over it 3-4 times a day and the smell was awesome too ... the more you use it, the slicker the finish gets and it also gets a little deeper too :)


So how do I use it as a drying agent? If I can find a shortcut then that'd be great, it's the part I enjoy the least.

We've just had another downpour, so I quickly took a photo in the carpark at work. I got some strange looks.
It's not as good as this morning, but you get the idea and we all like photo's :smt023


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I love QD+, and it actually lasts longer than just a couple a washes - which is great for a quick detailer. It cleans chrome very well too and gives a beautiful gloss.

I demonstrated it to my brothers some time ago - and they both ordered a bottle the next day :p .


QD+ is simply awesome :smt055 I use it after every wash to keep the finish looking really slick. Spray & gloss is also a cant live without product when at shows. It add's lots of pop to metallic finishes & cleans just about any surface too. I keep a bottle of it in my car all the time :wink: