Coming Soon Limited Edition New Product for the Winter


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By request of one of our favorite Administrators here on the Poorboy's World forum, we have made a limited edition car wash with wax included.
It will be called Super Slick & Wax is based on our excellent car wash shampoo ..Super Slick & Suds, but will leave a slicker finish with a small amount of wax to help protect during those long winter months when a quick wash is all you can fit in due to weather. It will be available in Limited Supply to distributors and customers on a first come first come first served basis.
After this one batch it will not be available again :!: :!: :!:

Watch for its introduction in the next few weeks :)


Wow! Limited edition. I love SS&S so adding a little wax in it can only make it better. This might be nice to use even during the summer when you're not waxing or polishing after a wash.


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Yippee! I LOVED this product when the prototype originally came out. My sample ran out long ago, so I'm anxious to get my hands on some of this limited edition batch. :D


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awd330 said:
Poorboy said:
MikeyC said:

What sizes will the SS&S w/ wax be available in? Thanks!
It will be available in Quarts and Gallons only ...pricing should be about the same as Super Slick & Suds :)
I'd take a 5 gallon container if they were available. :p
ok ..twist my arm..I'll have one made just for you :smt059


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davekt said:
If you do another run could you make it available in Australia.
Cheers Dave
That's usually up to your local distributor waxit to carry a limited run product. I'm sure thery would accomodate you if you ask :)