Clearing up scratches on a watch crystal


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I use ProPolish on my watch crystal when I've managed to scuff it to the point of the face being barely legible. I don't know how well it would work on fancy watches, but on my <$1,000 Casio and similarly priced Timex Ironman watches, it works quickly and easily. One caveat is to be careful of your non-crystal surfaces. If you have painted plastic parts, you may rub some of the paint off. But of course, if you have high quality watches, the metal looking parts will likely be metal.

I usually polish mine up when I'm waiting for something (someone) else. You may find it easy to do when watching TV.


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Nice tip BigLeegr! I got some pro polish, just need me a watch :smt090

I was looking at my otterbox phone case the other night and thought, this needs some pro polish, lol.