Well all went well this weekend with my camper, got the EX on friday night, two coats of LNB on the front then two coats of natty's original on top of that, then two coats of LNB on the rest of the camper. Everything looks great and i gotta say I really like the LNB. Now, with summer coming, and bugs here on the east coast being as bad as they are and my camper being so big, I would like to find something I can use once I get to the campground to spray on the front and wipe it down to get the bugs off so they dont sit all weekend (in some case's a week or more). This way it looks good in the campground, and I dont have as many to clean off when i get home. also the bugs wont have a chance to sit on the camper in the sun and bake on. Which one of the spray's would you guys recommend me trying?


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Depends on how bad they are, horse fly bad Bug Squash but you would want to follow up with some water ( double mist sprayer ) or Spray & Wipe.
Light bugs just splattered, I would give Spray & Wipe a shot at it.

Take a serious look at the Bug MF Towels on the PB site, they are great.
- I use them for a lot of things on the front of my truck, and even cut them into strips to use wet with a sanding block for leveling Durabond drywall compound on coats before the final coat & 220 sand.


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I'd also go with Bug Squash. Some people use APC, but I haven't so I can't say how well it works.


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If its not too bad, QD+ will clean it up. After a road trip though, I use APC diluted 4:1 and a microfiber towel. Works great for bug and tar both.


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If the car has been previously maintained (i.e. waxed regularly) then it would be a little easier to clean. However, Bug Squash is great and you can dilute it if you don't need it full strength.