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  1. BigLeegr

    Liquid Blue Wax watery?

    It is watery but I'm not sure about the residue sitting on top. Sounds like the product has separated. I'm presuming you shook it well before using it. If you don't have a consistent thickness there may be something wrong such as it was left out during the winter freeze or something.
  2. BigLeegr

    New Member that is Looking for Suggestions

    How much correction are you looking for? Did you want just a maintenance set up? The closest ONR replacement would be S&W. As mentioned earlier, you may want to look into getting a few samples first to see what you like the best. There is quite a variety to explore.
  3. BigLeegr

    Happy Pie Day!

    :smt006 (March 14=3.14 ... the numerical representation of pi)
  4. BigLeegr

    Sales on PBW site Quite a few deals on the page... The glass cleaner cloths in the "kit" are pretty spiffy!
  5. BigLeegr

    Clearing up scratches on a watch crystal

    I use ProPolish on my watch crystal when I've managed to scuff it to the point of the face being barely legible. I don't know how well it would work on fancy watches, but on my <$1,000 Casio and similarly priced Timex Ironman watches, it works quickly and easily. One caveat is to be careful of...
  6. BigLeegr

    Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane

    Has died. Poor Flash. :sad: James Best died April 6th from complications with pneumonia. He was 88.
  7. BigLeegr

    So, who else has had snow this month?

    Three separate days of snow this month here. yay. :smt013
  8. BigLeegr

    Car colors birds are most likely to "decorate" There's also a warning about the diseases bird droppings carry. No mention of PB's Bird S#!t Remover, though.:smt017
  9. BigLeegr

    Opti-Cloth vs. Velvet Smooth Glass Towel

    So, for those of you that have tried both, what are your opinions of each? Does one have a benefit over the other for certain instances or do you feel one is superior over the other in virtually all cases?
  10. BigLeegr

    Thought for today

    A black car is a thing of beauty and a job forever. :smt009
  11. BigLeegr

    How do you apply your tire dressing?

    I know some like BnB gel more than the liquid, and some like the liquid more than the gel, but regardless of which version you prefer, what's your favored method of application? I've read of people using cloths, sponges, "official tire swipes" (curved sponge with a foam handle), foam paint...
  12. BigLeegr

    Pockets is now legal?

    So, is it true? Pockets is 21 today?:smt113
  13. BigLeegr

    Bug Squash in WW

    It has been suggested that Bug Squash can be added to windshield fluid to aid in the removal of bug guts. Has anyone experimented with dilutions? I've noticed that the store bought bug washes tend to leave some hazy film behind. Does Bug Squash added to winter WW do the same?