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    My elbow hurts, please help

    Could be the counter weight, what size backing plate do you have, and what size pad ? The size ref to the Pc counter weight is for sanding estimates, it is actually a weight basis that would cause you to change. From PC's web site.
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    Hand Polishing & Waxing After Claying

    Completely understandable, this is a hobby that can get real expensive real quick if you do not keep yourself in check. I don't even want to know how much I have invested in pads and MF towels, let alone the Don't know if your dist-d in the UK carries the PB samples. This is one way to try...
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    Spray and Rinse Proof

    It is not a full detail, just a before and after using only Spray & Rinse. I kept forgetting to post them here ( spread them over other sites ). used it on the sister in law's new to her ( used-'03 ) Stang wheels when she got it. No clue when they were last cleaned, car is in bad shape...
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    Input on DMT to UMT and Mega-Plush towels

    Trying to figure out which towel to order. 1. UMT 2. Mega Plush Towel. I have the DMT towels and like them a lot. It is nice having the shorter nap on one side of the towel ( removing polish & BH ). I think I am going to order UMT towels ( what I have read both sides have a long nap, one...
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    MF Pad Application of product

    Wanted to see if anyone has tried a MF pad like the optimum MF cutting or Optimum polishing pad with PB products. I did a google site search for MF pad, and only found 1 thread, and the usage was for a different product ( thread title : E46 m3 ) The main application would be with PP on a...
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    Petition to rename SnW APC-II

    I have been on a tear in the house for the last 2 weeks. I caught a thread on using SnW as glass cleaner. wow, works great, did the cars ( a few times ) the patio door and a few windows that the dogs sit at. they are labs, so they have a drool that is about the same consistency as lacquer...
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    SSR2.5 Application - Non Auto surface

    Figured this is the best place to ask this, defect removal on Corian solid surface using SSR2.5 I have a few scratches, and in the process of getting the hang of new products, I find other than auto to try them on. Given the Washing Machine and Dryer are considered hard paint, I know how far I...
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    Application of Natty's after QW+ / QD+

    Tried a few search terms, found a suggestion of a URL to read that is not on the site anymore or got moved. - BigLeegr if you recall the URL you used for intro work, it might have my answer. My question is on applying Natty's blue after a series of QW+ or QD+ then a wash. Is there something...
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    Hot water soak of bottle prior to shake and application | aka hairbrain idea 1 of 432

    I tried 2 today. 1. PwC - blue. took water that had been boiled in an electric tea kettle ( for something else ) and used the water to part fill the empty Clorox wipe container, and let sit for ~ 10 min. Water was ~ 180* to 190* when I got to the garage to start testing. After ~ 10 min pull...
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    Hot water soak of bottle prior to shake and application | aka hairbrain idea 1 of 432

    Did a few search terms ( warm, hot water ) and could not find if this was asked or done yet. I don't want to jump into a test without asking, and ruin a bottle of product, so.. Read the prep directions on Collinite 845, which said to place the bottle in hot water prior to shaking. That...