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    Hey guys its been a while

    Thought I would reintroduce myself since I haven't been around much. :smt039 We had our first child (Jack) in September , moved out of Hoboken to get closer to the in-laws and got rid of the Audi S4. Hope to be back around a little more now that I have a clean slate to start with. Here are...
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    Leatherique ?

    Is this stuff worth the price? I'd love to get my leather back to looking like new although it really isn't that bad.
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    Questions for a small start up in Detailing

    So I would like to try and make some money out of my hobby/passion. I have been procrastinating over doing this for a couple years but i really think I can make some extra cash detailing and eventually maybe even grow to a full time gig. My plan for now would be to go to the persons house adn...
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    Wheel Sealant durability

    Does the WS get stripped off once I use some wheel cleaner the next wash?
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    Moving on to the Flex

    So I am moving up to the Flex orbital polisher and got a couple questions. What size backing plate does it come with or can I use the backing plates from the PC. Does it really cut down on time compared to the PC. I used Ron's at the DW 10' but i was working on friends car with new product...
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    SSR1 seperated

    had my SSR1 in side all winter but when I went to use it it was like water and cream cheese, if that makes sense. Is it salvageable?
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    Ferrari F50

    This was sitting in the garage while he was driving the Bugatti Veyron. No I was not detailing this either.