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  1. Poorboy

    Happy 20th Anniversary

  2. Poorboy

    Ban on Russians

    Due to an unprovoked war by the Russians into Ukraine , no users or spammers from Russia will be allowed on our forum.
  3. Poorboy

    Major Shortages ... Pricing and Availability could be compromised

    For anyone reading here .. there is a major shortage of supplies trickling down to our industry. There is very little silicone being produced which is used in some way in many products. When it is available it has rise 5x from previous purchases and will be more again when it becomes available...
  4. Poorboy

    Happy New Year

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all of our friends here on the forum ... may 2022 be a good and prosperous year for you all :)
  5. Poorboy

    Facebook is down !! Are we back to the forums?

    Hi everyone .. Facebook is down as is twitter etc ... We are still here working away .. who else is out there?
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    Limited Edition Poorboy's World Detail Bag

    =AZV-VSj31cnRceLRzsPGqtvAJLPBmIU1d6JRYFpdCn9uMoWBij9R-wO-cH1AedYCjyUB-paQj0L5MvpIa7jjKICtmG0X33fKpTZ2QR29XtouvJO1TyzaFIxPRzkuiDkMTTB8o6lgHTFVtyppRlYiDwJUYs8z4FiUQtG6M6S2JlnUBQ&__tn__=-]C%2CP-R']Steve PoorboysWorld shared a...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Poorboy's World
  8. Poorboy

    Happy Holidays

    We would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays Dwayne, Lacey, Cayla, & Steve 👩‍🦲🐕👩‍🦱👴
  9. Poorboy

    Super Size Tuesday is back

    Yes, Super Size Tuesday's are back until the end of the year. Take advantage every Tuesday to see you 16oz products instantly turn into a 32oz !! Buy Now !!! it's only on Tuesdays !!
  10. Poorboy

    Free Shipping Friday 11/8/2019

    Available 1 Day Only at
  11. Poorboy

    Wayback Wednesday Sale 11/6/2019

    Get it at
  12. Poorboy

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all of our Poorboy's World members .... we would like to thank you all for the great 2018 year and look forward to some new surprise for the 2019 year. We are currently working on some new products including easy to use ceramic coatings that may be ready for testing early...
  13. Poorboy

    Mystery Boxes are back

    Check out our Mystery Gift Boxes ready to gift yourself , friends or family !!! Plenty of time to get yours before the holidays ... Give Dwayne a call if you want to gift one and include a card ;)
  14. Poorboy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone and a happy holiday season... Look for a newsletter with all sorts of sales for the next few weeks ... more to come Be safe and healthy Steve
  15. Poorboy

    Detailing Set -Up w/ trailer for sale

    My cousin bought this and set it up, but just couldn't find the time or right person to run the business ... It's a shame that you can get clients, but can't get the help ... so his set up is now for sale .. Mobile Detailing Set-up Less than 1 year old 5x10 trailer enclosed trailer 110 Gallon...
  16. Poorboy

    New Poorboy's World forum

    Welcome everyone to the new Poorboy's World forum .. please be patient while we finish updating and upgrading the site :)
  17. Poorboy

    Happy Birthday Rabbi

    Happy Birthday old man :smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt113:smt041:smt041:smt041:smt041:smt041:smt058
  18. Poorboy

    New Web site is live!!!

    Hi Everyone , We have a brand new interactive web site that was built by Dwayne and looks and works fantastic ... Check it out Remember to share with family and friends and enter our Facebook contest
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    Happy New Year

    Poorboy's World would like to wish everyone and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year :smt041:smt041:smt041:smt041:smt026:smt026:smt023:smt023 and if you are going out .. please be safe :)
  20. Poorboy

    Mystery Box Mania

    Dwayne has gone crazy :twisted: with his $35 Mystery Box special this year ... they are stacking up for shipping .. :roll::roll: Don't miss a chance to get a crazy good deal ! Some boxes have had values up to $100 !!! :shock: Sale last until Friday !! :smt023