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  1. JustJesus

    Hi guys & gals

    That was super funny
  2. JustJesus

    Hello from Barton, England

    Agree with you Craig! Funny thing, Dyllayia, my venture into Poorboy's pretty much started like yours: with Black Hole. Then bought the big, deluxe sample box and ended up buying more and more of the Poorboy's products. GREAT stuff
  3. JustJesus

    Getting the best from SSR Range

    Thanks for that response and great info. You definitely right about the humidity. I've experienced that myself, from working closer to the beach and using the same combo more inner-city. I just tried MC with Griot's Garage MF pad and it worked pretty well together. Great combo, actually...
  4. JustJesus

    Clay Lube

    I did use Spray and Wipe somewhat recently, as I ran out of Clay Lube. Well, I had more stored away in a box, but needed to act fast. Tried Spray and Wipe and it did the trick. NOT as slick as Clay Lube, but enough to finish the small section I was working on.
  5. JustJesus

    Getting the best from SSR Range

    Thanks! One more....hehe. What type of pad do you prefer with it? Seems i get a tad bit more dusting with MF. At least sometimes. I need to try more wool options
  6. JustJesus

    Getting the best from SSR Range

    Thanks for shaing Craig's write up!!! SSR 3 might be one I may not have??? I better double check. I DO have Master Cut, though. How does MC compare to SSR 3? I'm guessing MC is more aggresive?
  7. JustJesus


    I was using the 32oz bottle of Polish w/ Sealant for a good while. With white polishing pads, it is a good combo for your average "make it shiny and smooth" customers. Still have a bit of the 32oz left. May restock in the next few months.
  8. JustJesus

    New products I would love to see

    good info here. Thanks guys
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    New Ceramic Coating - Mar 2020

    Has anybody tried using the new coating over a product like CQuartz Essence? If so, any bonding issues encountered?
  10. JustJesus

    Halloween Sale

    LOL - Nice. I'm still working on my 32oz of PwS. Down to just under half. Orange wash mitt sounds good, though. I like orange
  11. JustJesus

    Halloween Sale

    Cool sale. I like the magic that happens with the Black Hole and Black Wax. :)
  12. JustJesus

    New here...

  13. JustJesus

    ? Slickest spray on stuff

    Thank you, sir!
  14. JustJesus

    ? Slickest spray on stuff

    Which is Poorboy's most slick spray? Spray n Gloss is pretty good, but how does it compare to like QD+ and ? Is there another one? Quick wax?
  15. JustJesus

    New to Poorboys

    Hello. Love the products! Haven't checked too much on durability as I'm always "doing things." Poorboy's with Sealant is what I'm using for people's cars mostly.
  16. JustJesus

    How to store aplicators?

    I have some plastic containers that I drill small holes into. I do wash 'em and let 'em dry before putting them in the containers.
  17. JustJesus

    Super Size Cyber Monday Sale

    Looking forward to the cookie!
  18. JustJesus

    Rinseless and Clay lube - Possible future product?

    Ha! Yeah, she does. That was the consensus when I posted the pic of her holding LNR at our wedding reception :) just prior to the cake cutting
  19. JustJesus

    Rinseless and Clay lube - Possible future product?

    That makes sense. I overlooked the fact that not many of us would mix a concentrate with distilled water. I'm sure many would use regular tap water. The stuff at my house is pretty bad. The 4-5 bottles of Clay Lube I have looked very consistent. That's a plus! I'm liking the idea of the 2.5...
  20. JustJesus

    Rinseless and Clay lube - Possible future product?

    Any chance that Poorboy's will ever release a rinseless wash? Yes, S&W and S&G are great, but I'm so stuck on rinseless type washing, it would be cool to have a Poorboy's version. Also, how about a Clay Lube concentrate? I absolutely love Poorboy's wonderful smelling Clay Lube, but the cost...