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  1. Old Pirate

    Bug Squash, APC, Or Strip Down

    Your on the right track, it's hard to have a set way in removing/working them off the paint. APC is another way if the Bug Squash won't do or maybe the Strip Down Wax Stripper might do.
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hola/Welcome to the forums.............OP here.
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    Old Pirate is Back!

    Chat Room, Chat Room, Chat Room.......:cool:
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    Stainless Tips

    Is it from the exhaust? If it is then here is one of the few tips in trying to remove them stains, for one i would try to soak the exhaust tip in Poorboy's Spray and Rinse Wheel Cleaner, and let them soak for about 3-5 minutes. Then use steel wool ( 0000 ) to help break apart the black buildup...
  5. Old Pirate

    New Member that is Looking for Suggestions

    The OP is looking for a sun friendly product to use in sunlight for detailing his ride.
  6. Old Pirate

    Poorboy’s World Matte Detailer & Protectant

    Just like to know anymore information ( anyone use it ) of this one folks. Just install some matte decals on my truck bed and will be looking for some type of cleaner and protector for them between washes.
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    New Poorboy's World forum

    Chat Room!:cool:
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    Old Pirate is Back!

    Hi Steve!
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    New Member UK.

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    Newbie here

    Welcome to the PB Forum from the Tampa bay area.
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    Old Pirate is Back!

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    Natural Wood Trim - Product Suggestion

    Yes, I would to know how it turn out myself.
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    Old Pirate is Back!

    Hello everyone! It's Angelo aka Zoomzoomazda 5 which now is Old Pirate. Been busy working and out of the detailing forums for awhile due to some folks had me black listed or just didn't like me around, well tough you s&%t and I'm back! I had 2 heart attacks and was gone for 10 mins in my wife...