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  1. Poorboy

    Products - Process for Red Corvette?

    only two things i would consider changing .. i'm guessing it's a garage queen, so claying might not be needed ... and in the same thought, i would use a Black pad with the Polish w/ Sealant and reduce abrasion of any type to a minimum
  2. Poorboy

    Happy New Year

    Thanks Bill
  3. Poorboy

    Poorboy hits Charlotte

    Nope .. it wasn't hot enough Went further south to Florida, but we do pass through a few times a year ... used to go I95 past you but now we go through the mountains and Charlotte to go North
  4. Poorboy

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all of our Poorboy's World members .... we would like to thank you all for the great 2018 year and look forward to some new surprise for the 2019 year. We are currently working on some new products including easy to use ceramic coatings that may be ready for testing early...
  5. Poorboy

    Mystery Boxes are back

    Check out our Mystery Gift Boxes ready to gift yourself , friends or family !!! Plenty of time to get yours before the holidays ... Give Dwayne a call if you want to gift one and include a card ;)
  6. Poorboy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone and a happy holiday season... Look for a newsletter with all sorts of sales for the next few weeks ... more to come Be safe and healthy Steve
  7. Poorboy

    Rinseless and Clay lube - Possible future product?

    ROFLMAO !!!!!! ..but she must really love you :)
  8. Poorboy

    Rinseless and Clay lube - Possible future product?

    it is really hard to do concentrates that work for everyone :( our water is processed many times and makes the quality raw material work better, so a finished product is consistent as is the results. If someone had some strange concentrate of minerals in their water and mix it with a...
  9. Poorboy

    Poorboy's coveralls ..check these out

    lol .. i guess more room is better than less ... these were made for our Russian distributor at that time for detailing classes. They had been using tyvec suites which could scratch, very hot and were very awkward ...
  10. Poorboy

    Poorboy's coveralls ..check these out

    we still have a few and sell them occasionally at shows .. I think they are either xl or xxl and they are stain proof .. the last one we sold was at a race track
  11. Poorboy

    Professional Polish - new, improved and creamier?

    Thin actually lets the product work longer and produce a better final finish while using less product
  12. Poorboy

    Liquid Blue Wax watery?

    Yes, it is very thin and you need very little to do a whole vehicle .... it spreads and spreads and then spreads even more and thin is the key ... It takes a little getting used to using such a thin product, but when you get it ..WOW ! ..use it after Black Hole and really see how your finish...
  13. Poorboy

    Poorboy’s World Matte Detailer & Protectant

    yes cleans and protects without adding shine
  14. Poorboy

    Poorboy’s World Matte Detailer & Protectant

    Most definitely .. we have been picked up by many Hellcat, Challenger and Charger groups for their Matte graphics and our Spray and Rinse for their wheels
  15. Poorboy

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to our forum :)
  16. Poorboy

    Stainless Tips

    After cleaning Aluminum and Metal polish .. can also use some Wheel Sealant after polishing to help prevent build up
  17. Poorboy

    Iron Remover ?

    you can always try a small panel and examine carefully before moving to the rest of the car
  18. Poorboy

    Iron Remover ?

    I really can't comment on the clay mitt, but the Iron remover is virtually harmless to everything but metals .. not sure i'd want to rub metal back and forth on the paint with the clay mitt
  19. Poorboy

    How to use the Poorboy's World Clay Bar

    Meeting went well .. we should be soon be posting some videos for the site and for you tube
  20. Poorboy

    How to use the Poorboy's World Clay Bar

    lol .. pick a product and just take your time .. we are patient