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    Black Friday Specials and Contests

    not a car but, PP2 and PwC.
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    What compound to use

    Hello everyone. I have a buddy that painted his Kentworth & it needs some sanding and compounding. He has what he needs to sand it out, but, I need to know what what to get to finish it. Ssr3 or something not that aggressive. I will post some pix when I get to a working computer. Thanks. Joe
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    Micro fiber pads

    Has anybody used any micro fiber pads with any Poorboys products? If so, what were they & how did they come out. Thanks. Joe
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    another use for ProPolish2

    Another use for PP2. As if you didn't know already. I am a janitor for a high school. Part of my area is the pool area. I got tired of the water marks on the glass& nothing they had work. I was thinking what I could use & then it hit me. Try the PP2. I am very impressed with this product. Not...
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    left a bottle of polish out

    Hey all. Left a bottle of polish with nuba out & it froze.:cry: Any good still? Or is it toast?
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day to all fellow Vets!!! Thanks you for your service & God Bless you & heaven smile upon you & your families!!! :smt041
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    Polish for ceramic paint

    Hi gang. I need to know what polish or compound would be good for paint correction on the ceramic clear coats. I have a 2013 BMW 335 with dealier installed swirls & a 2014 Audi in the same manner. Both need to be perfect. Dealier is paying. Thanks alot for your imput. Joe :smt109
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    What to use

    Hey all. Out of all Poorboy's products, what would be the best to use on semi truck paint? 2 stage epoxy & urathaine paints? I will be working outside this summer & in the sun. If that makes a difference. Thanks in advance. Joe 8)
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    New here to Poorboy's

    Hello all. New to the Poorboy's site. Can't wait to try some of there product. Great day to all!:smt041